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LET'S LEAD FROM THE HEART - transforming business through appreciation

Appreciative Leadership and Communication - creating successful businesses from the heart

Conscious leaders recognize and use the power of appreciatively communicating with
their colleagues and teams. Leading teams to self-empowerment and entrepreneurial collaboration
will open great new potential within companies and their employees.

We love to support executives in learning to read their team members and their potential
and we love to train them, to see and bring out the best in themselves and in their teams.

Meike Nittel and Katja Rossel look forward to connecting with you. Please let's find a date to skype.

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Space for personal development - Meike invites you for conscious breathing meditations

LET'S BUTTERFLY - developing yourself by consciously breathing

Connected Breathing – breathing method according to Dr. Ruediger Dahlke

Breath is the most elementary of our vital functions.

Connected breath is a method that Dr. Ruediger Dahlke has developed, employed and taught
over the last 30 years. It serves to activate our self-healing power, to encourage holistic
self-awareness and to promote vitality and zest for life.

The technique of connected breath introduces more oxygen than normal into our organism.
This stimulates the flow of energy, tackling physical and mental blocks and removing them
in the long term.

Connected breath provides us with a means of releasing previously undiscovered and
inaccessible potential. „Not without reason do we describe the process of spiritual maturation
as „development“. We do not need to add anything, merely uncover what is already there,
deeply buried. […] An energising method such as connected breath helps us through
bottlenecks in life, without getting caught in the causes.“ (Dr. Ruediger Dahlke in
'Die wunderbare Heilkraft des Atems', Munich, 2000, p.96-98.)

The philosophy behind connected breath can be described as a way towards accepting more
responsibility for ourselves.

What happens during a session of connected breath?

A session of connected breath lasts about two hours. The client is guided through the session
by the breath teacher/therapist. The process is supported by music. It is possible to breath
individually or in a group. Before the first session we ask you for a short interview.

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Breathe in instead of Burn out!